Research Centre for Surface and Materials Science

Industry services

Issues with composition or microstructure can manifest themselves in a number of ways, anything from failing adhesion to suspect particles. Using state-of-the-art imaging and analysis techniques, RCSMS offers the opportunity to identify the cause of problems, potentially saving your company time and money.

Why choose us?

Because the techniques used in RCSMS require a small amount of sample and are non-destructive it is possible to analyse tiny amounts of material. RCSMS offers highly competitive rates for its services and specialises in this area of research, so we can afford to be more flexible to your individual requirements.

A written report, explaining the results of the investigation, is produced for each project. With many years of experience, highly qualified staff and the latest tools, RCSMS can offer a wide range of skills and expertise.


What can we offer you?

Staff in RCSMS are from the Faculty of Engineering or the Faculty of Science at The University of Auckland. Their qualifications and experience are backed up by the most recent models of instrumentation in the country. The technique and their basic operation and capabilities, are only outlined here.

A brief description cannot hope to do justice to the depth of information we can provide and we are happy to discuss your particular requirements at any time.


The bottom line

Located within the Faculty of Engineering at The University of Auckland, RCSMS benefits from the latest research in Chemical and Materials Engineering and Materials Chemistry.

RCSMS is involved in ongoing commercial research projects with many of New Zealand's largest Research Institutes in areas such as forestry and environmental science.

A small investment in research in your business can bring substantial rewards in both the long and short term.

Recent examples include:

  • A boat owner accused his neighbour of paint overspray onto his boat. Using a combination of EDS and XPS to compare paint samples the allegations were proved to be untrue.
  • A wire manufacturer wanted to know the most effective cleaning method. By using XPS we were able to identify the residues left by different cleaning solutions. This enabled the client to make an informed choice as to what was the most suitable for them.